14 Appointments With God

Appointment 1
It's Guaranteed

You recently became a Christian. Have you had any doubts about whether or not Jesus really came into your life? Do you wonder if you'll really go to heaven someday?
Talk to God: "Father, thank you for giving me a relationship with you. Jesus, thank you for giving me life. Please teach me and help me learn more about you. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Read 1 John 5:11-13. Memorize verse 13. Read 1 John 5:10-12, and Matthew 7:24-27. How can you put the ideas presented here into action in your life?
Express your thoughts: In your journal, write a description of when, where, and how you became a Christian. Say thanks to God!

Appointment 2
Part of the Family

Everyone knows what it's like to not feel totally accepted by others. Did you know that when you become a Christian, God adopted you into his family and accepted you unconditionally?
Talk to God: "Dear God, thanks for making me part of your family. You accept me. That's awesome! Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Ephesians 1:3-8. Memorize verse 5. Read Hebrews 1:1-3 and Mark 9-10.
Express your thoughts: In your journal, make a list of what you like about being part of God's Family. Don't forget to thank him.

Appointment 3
New Life in Christ

OK, now that you're a new Christian, what's next? Well, the best relationships are those that are grown and deepen. It's the same way in your relationship with Jesus Christ. It's time for growth.
 Talk to God: "Lord, help me to let my roots sink down into you. Thanks for helping me grow. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Colossians 2:6-7 Memorize the first part of verse 7. Read Peter 1:5-8
Express your thoughts: Think of one way that you'd like to grow spiritually, share it with one friend, and write it in your journal. Then ask God to help you do what you've decided to do.

Appointment 4
Time to Talk

You know how good friends love to talk with each other. God, our heavenly Father, is ready for a heart-to-heart talk all the time. Conversation with God is a must!
 Talk to God: "God, I'm so glad we can talk anytime. Thank you that you'll listen to my needs. Help me learn to listen to you. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Philippians 4:6-7. Memorize verse 6. Read Kings 3:3-14, and Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 Express your thoughts: Commit yourself to spending at least three minutes in prayer everyday. In your journal, keep a record of your prayer requests and answers. Tell God thanks for those answers.

Appointment 5
Dig In

When you get something new, you often receive an instruction manual. With your new life in Christ, you need God's instruction manual, the Bible. God communicates to us through his Word.
 Talk to God: "Dear God, thank you for showing me what you're like through your world. Help me to read it, study it, and obey it. Amen. "
Investigate God's Word: 2 Timothy 3:14-17. Memorize verse 16. Read John 20:31, and Isaiah 41:10.
Express your thoughts: Commit yourself to spending five minutes a day reading the Bible. As a result of something you read, write down in your journal something you will do. Ask God to help you.

Appointment 6
Jesus Did It All JESUS,

Friendships get stronger when you really get to know the other person. You have trusted Christ to be your Savior and to give you new life. Really get to know who he is and what he has done! It's incredible!
 Talk to God: "Jesus you are so powerful! I'm thankful that you hold everything together, including me! Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Colossians 1:15-23. Memorize verse 17. Read Judges 17:6.
Express your thoughts: Ask a friend to tell you what he or she really likes about Jesus. In your journal, write a note to Jesus about what you really appreciate about him.

Appointment 7
Solid Rock

A good foundation is essential for a house to stand strong. Jesus wants you to realize that obeying God will give your life a solid foundation.
 Talk to God: "Dear God, you know what's best for me. Help me to be strong and obey you in each of my life. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Luke 6:46-49. Memorize the first part of verse 47. Read Joshua 24:14-15, page 227, and Ephesians 6:1-3.
Express your thoughts: In your journal, list one area of your life where you are obeying God and one where you are not. Say thanks to God for helping you to want to obey.

Appointment 8
You Have Insight

Nobody in this world knows you better than you know yourself. Nobody knows God like God's Spirit knows God. As a new Christian, you have been given God's Holy Spirit. He will give you insight into what God is like and what he wants you to do.
 Talk to God: "Thank you, God, for giving me your Spirit. You know me so well, and I will trust your Spirit to help me know more about you. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: 1 Corinthians 2:9-16. Memorize verse 12. Read Romans 7:15-8:2 and Isaiah 7:9.
Express your thoughts: In your journal, write down one question that you'd like the Holy Spirit to help you with. Now take a couple of minutes and just listen to God. Tell him thanks.

Appointment 9
Don't Give In

The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8 that our enemy Satan is like a lion that wants to rip us apart. Satan will tempt us to disobey God, but God will show us a way out!
 Talk to God: "Dear God, you know the temptations I struggle with. Thank you that you have promised me a way to escape. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: 1 Corinthians 10:13. Memorize verse 13. Read Matthew 18:7-9 and 1 Peter 3:15.
Express your thoughts: List the three temptations that Satan really uses on you. Mow thank God ahead of time that he will show you how to not give in next time.

Appointment 10
I'm Sorry

As a child in God's family, you'll still mess up. But God's love for you is so great that he will forgive you! He can do that because he loves you!
 Talk to God: "Dear God, I confess to you my sin of         . I admit that it was wrong. Thank you that Jesus died on the cross to forgive me for this sin. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: 1 John 1:8-10. Memorize verse 9. Read James 4:17 and Lamentations 3:22-23.
Express your thoughts: Write down ways that you disobeyed God recently. Look at each one and confess it though prayer. Cross out each sin. Let this remind you of God's loving forgiveness. Be sure to thank him!

Appointment 11
Worship Him

Christians are part of the body of Christ, which is called his church. Be sure you get together with other believers, members of the "body." It's an opportunity to love God and each other.
 Talk to God: "Dear God, thank you for your body of believers, the church. Teach me how to get involved with other Christians and really worship you. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Hebrews 10:22-25. Memorize verse 25. Read Hebrews 10:24-25 and James 1.
Express your thoughts: Go with some friends or family to church this week. List two ways you worshiped God.

Appointment 12
I Gotta Tell You Something

If you have a close friend, you can't keep from talking about that person. When you love someone, you can hardly contain yourself! Let your love for Christ motivate you to tell others about him.
 Talk to God: "Lord, you have changes my life. Give me the courage and opportunities to tell others about you. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Romans 1:16-17. Memorize verse 16. Read Luke 22:54-62 and Acts 4:13.
Express your thoughts: Write down the name of one person who needs to know Jesus Christ. Start praying for that person to become a Christian. Ask a Christian friend to pray with you for the person and to help you learn how to share your faith with him or her.

Appointment 13
Do You Remember

To fight a battle you need powerful equipment. The Holy Spirit will use the power of God's World like a sword to defeat Satan. So a great strategy is to memorize Scripture! What verses have you already learned?
 Talk to God: "Lord, I need your power! Help me to memorize Scripture verses. I know this will help me live for you. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Ephesians 6:10-17 Memorize verse 17. Read Philippians 4:8 and Isaiah 46:4.
Express your thoughts: Review your memory verses from the past 12 days. In your journal, write down your favorite verse.

Appointment 14
Be like Christ

You've been a Christian for a short time now, and you're learning that you have a lifelong relationship with Christ. SO what's your long-range plan? Becoming like Christ is the ultimate goal.
 Talk to God: "Dear Jesus, more than anything else I want to become more like you. Thanks that you'll be patient and help me. Amen."
Investigate God's Word: Colossians 3:10-11. Memorize verse 10. Read Jeremiah 29:11-13 and Micah 4:6-13.
Express your thoughts: Make a list of at least five ways you want to become more like Jesus. Spend time asking God to help you. Remind yourself to read this part of your journal in one month to check on your spiritual growth.