New Christians

You have recently trusted Jesus Christ to be your Savior . . . so now what do you do?


    Next, please understand that you have begun an exciting and lasting friendship. As in any relationship, getting to know someone takes time -- it doesn't just happen by itself. (Make sure you grow in your new faith. If no one has contacted you, you should go back to the person who helped you become a Christian and ask for help.)
    You can grow closer to God just like you grow closer to people. God created you to have a relationship with him, to be his very own son or daughter. Now that you're his child and friend, he will patiently help you get to know him better and better.
    Here are some ideas you can use to help you and God become close friends. Remember, all it takes is TIME:

Talk to God through prayer.
To help you learn how to talk to God, the 14 appointments with God include ideas for prayer. Give them a try. God will listen when you talk to him.
Investigate God's Word.
Decide on a time and place to read the Bible each day. The schedule for 14 appointments with God will help you know what to read. This will help you grow.
Express your thoughts.
You know how important is is to show appreciation to a friend. As you finish your daily time with God, tell him thank you. During the next 14 appointments with God, try to keep a personal journal. Simply write down your thoughts, your questions, and most important of all, why you're thankful to God!

Finally, to get to know God better, try using the following "14 Appointments with God." These appointments are great ways to spend some time with God and find out more about who he is and who he wants you to be.